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"Risk Management of Contamination (RMS) during Cleanroom Manufacture", Technical Monograph No. 14 (ISBN No. 1-905271-12-3) by W Whyte, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK and T Eaton, AstraZeneca, Macclesfield, UK.

A joint publication with the Parenteral Society

This is a joint publication of S2C2 and the Parenteral Society and is published as a monograph and based on the authors' four recent publications in the European Journal of Parenteral and Pharmaceutical Science. These four papers discuss Risk Management and Risk Assessment as applied to microbial contamination during cleanroom manufacturing. In this monograph the publications have been combined, updated and additional information added.


Cleanroom Design (second edition) edited by Whyte, W. (1999)

Published by Wiley, Chichester, UK. ISBN. 0-471-94204-9
(322 pages)

Written by an international group of authors, this book considers the factors to be taken into account when designing cleanrooms. Three chapters describe how cleanrooms are designed for the principal manufacturing areas of microelectronics, pharmaceutics and biotechnology. Other subjects covered are international design standards, the economics of cleanroom design, high efficiency air filtration, materials used in cleanroom construction, and the provision of clean gases and water.


Cleanroom Technology -Fundamentals of Design, Testing and Operation by W Whyte (2001)

Published by Wiley, Chichester, UK. ISBN 0-471-86842-6

(296 pages)

This book covers the three main facets of cleanroom technology, namely: cleanroom design, cleanroom testing and the operation of cleanrooms. It is intended for anyone who wishes an overview of the fundamentals of cleanrooms, or who needs a text book to help them teach 'Cleanroom Technology' to their cleanroom personnel.



Introduction to Contamination Control and Cleanroom Technology by Ramstorp, M. (2000)

Published by Wiley-VCH. ISBN 3-527-30142-9
(168 pages)

This textbook is intended as an introduction to the area of contamination control but is also a good source of knowledge for people with both theoretical and practical background. It covers the basic principles of contamination control and cleanroom technology from an holistic point of view. It deals with cleanliness and hygiene and their impact on the outcome of a process. The topics discussed reflect results from both scientific as well as practical points of view.

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