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S2C2 training courses now available

By 24th June 2019News

The society is very aware of the value of training and over the next few months and years we are planning to run courses that will go back to basics. In this mature industry some simple aspects of cleanroom procedures are not understood correctly and we want to address this.

We have revamped our website to make it more relevant and accessible to members. In addition to the variety of courses that are now available to book, over the coming months there will be news of these and future planned courses which will include hands on training given in local areas throughout the UK.
I have always been uncomfortable about certifying anyone. Attending a training course is one thing but giving them a certificate certifying they are competent to carry out complex procedures has never sat comfortably with me. True competence can only be gained over a period from on the job experience using a wide range of equipment and different techniques.

Jim Carmichael, Chairman