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Spotlight on – Stuart White, Director of Sanondaf UK Ltd

By 17th November 2020News

Company Name:

Sanondaf UK Ltd


Decontamination using dry fogging technique.  Sanondaf Ltd was set up to become a franchise model and operates in the UK and overseas.

How long have you been a S2C2 member:

I have been involved with the Society since 2014, and became Chairman at the turn of the year.

What does your business do:

Sanondaf have operated as a specialist decontamination company in
the industry since 2014, servicing a range of NHS, Laboratories and University clients.

Has anything changed for your business during the pandemic:

The business has become more widely recognised in the industry since March, with large infrastructure suppliers and government agencies contacting Sanondaf to use our services.  The business has experienced rapid growth in this time, meaning the introduction of six new business owners and the manufacture of 30 new foggers inline with demand.

What are the benefits of being a S2C2 member:

S2C2 is a benchmark for industry professionals to be associated with, being the only UK society to have ICCCS status.  Through membership I have gained knowledge which in turn has translated to new business ideas and contacts.